Corporate and Special Events

Reflect your individual “look and feel” with your own uniquely created Private Label wines. Customised Private Label wines for corporate organisations or special events are an excellent way to achieve visibility for your business or event, and leave a lasting impression.

Ideal for:

  • Corporate gifts (Christmas, Thank you)
  • Product Launches
  • Sales/Referral Incentives
  • Consumer Giveaways/Sales Rewards
  • Milestone Celebrations
  • Dinners and seminars
  • Celebrations and events

Distinguish yourself from the competition with an unusual and noteworthy promotional tool. Private Labels can be designed to reflect your company or brand with sophistication, fun, or anything in between.

Full personalization service

Create Your Own Wine Label

Our personalized label service is a desirable choice for

  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Important anniversaries
  • Events and occasions

Choose from our carefully selected wines and create your own personal message to mark your special occasion or event. You may wish to include your name, the recipient’s name, a company logo, commemorative date, photo, or drawing.

Delivery of your own Personalised Private labelled Wine is generally a week after your order has been received.

It’s quick, easy and very user friendly. Follow the simple steps below and your wine will be shipped to you with your custom wine label. Our personalised labels are only $0.61 per bottle, which include printing and labelling the bottles for you. A Design and Layup fee may apply.

A minimum order of one case (12 bottles) is required however, you may split a case between different wines as long as they all have the same label.